Langebaan at a glance


The Langebaan Lagoon was formed by the rising and falling of sea levels during pre-historic times. This is unlike most lagoons which form where fresh water rivers enter the sea. As a result, Langebaan Lagoon is a purely salt water lagoon. The area is rich in historical events from the first inhabitants, the Khoikhoi and San, to the arrival of the Europeans. The first European to set foot on land was Vasco da Gama at St Helena Bay on the West Coast Peninsula in 1497. The town Langebaan was founded in 1922 and used as a whaling station until the 1960s.

Langebaan , often referred to as the 'Jewel of the West Coast',  the fast developing  picturesque town, hugs the shores of the magical Langebaan Lagoon. After a pleasant hours drive from Cape Town, passing beautiful little towns like Darling and Yzerfontein, visitors will discover the peace and serenity, wide vista landscapes, and a range of fauna and flora with breath taking azure-blue waters, and soft white sandy beaches. The Lagoon has channels of different depths and this leads to the different shades of turquoise colouring. Some days it looks as though the Lagoon has turned itself into a Turquoise Peacock posing for a photograph

The lagoon stretches for 17km from Saldanha Bay, past Langebaan to Geelbek in the South; it is up to 4km wide in places. Bird-watchers visit the area to view the over 300 species of birds found in the lagoon waters of the West Coast National Park. The West Coast National Park (30 000ha) which borders the south side of the lagoon is a must to take in. The waters are home to whales and flamingos. It truly is a paradise for the outdoor types and bird watchers.


The town of Langebaan itself is situated 124km north of Cape Town, just off the R27 on route to Namibia.

Langebaan is in close proximity to the following neighboring towns:

- Hopefield  39km
- Vredenburg 32km
- Paternoster 45km
- St Helenabaai 45km
- Saldanhabaai 23km
- West Coast National Park 2km


Langebaan has a Mediterranean climate with most of the rain fall during the winter. Summers are pleasant with temperatures of 26 degrees Celsius on average. June is the coldest month with 8 degrees Celsius on average. Langebaan is drier and warmer than Cape Town. However, a Wind-chill is responsible for a colder feel. During the winter months a thick fog may cover the sea.


The West Coast National Park is most busy during the spring flower season (August to September) when the wild flowers are in bloom. The magnificent spring flowers make for an unforgettable display. Whales can be spotted during October and November.  The West Coast National Park is the place where one of the earliest signs of human existence on Earth was found . The Fossil Park is also another important and worthwhile place to visit showing the diversity of the ancient history of the location.

Langebaan will appeal to both adventure seekers and those needing to just get away from the hectic lifestyle of the bigger cities. Langebaan is the dream destination for ornithologists. Three large bird reserves are in the vicinity; Birdisland, Rocherpan bird Reserve and West-Coast National Reserve. Besides the exclusive fauna found there Langebaan also is an exclusive holiday destination. Langebaan has several golf courses and exclusive holiday resorts. Even the marina is meant for the more special yachts. With almost year-round sunny weather it is a big draw card for kite surfers, wind surfers, kayakers, waterskiing, wakeboarding, tube rides, hobie kayaks and hobie cat adrenalin sailing, fishermen and yachtsmen.

Club Mykonos, situated on the unique Cape West Coast just  5km from Langebaan CBD area, is known for its breathtaking views and Greek style setting with fully self-catering kalivas and boat yard. Club Mykonos Resort hosts a number of annual events, festivals and exhibitions.

Keep the kids busy at the fun park where they can ride go-karts, quad bikes, trampolines or the waterslide. For those in search of a hole in one, enjoy the splendid designed Black Knight course at the Country Club.

Basically, there is a whole range of activities and services available for visitors as well as home buyers and renters coming to this idyllic paradise.


The West Coast marathon, An undulating route, mainly through the West Coast National Park  42.2km / 21.1km / 5km is annually held.
Large-scale sporting events such as triathlons, the downwind dash, cycling, car gymkhanas and more are held here.

A monthly craft market as well as art exhibitions through the year, showcase the talents of local artists. Community events includes the church bazaar and the annual Langebaan Mussel Festival, which takes place on the first weekend of October.

Horse riding is very popular and viewing the town from the comfort of a lagoon cruise is a delight.

After dark, you can try your luck at the casino, or enjoy live entertainment at Club Mykonos.


- Curro Langebaan double medium Private School.
- Topolino Private Primary School.
- Seeskulpie Pre Primary School.
- Langebaan Primary School.
- Long Acres Private School.


Enjoy holistic beauty treatments, or browse around the many shops offering everything from curios, clothing, sports gear and home interiors to arts and crafts, shell work etc


- Boesmanland Plaaskombuis
- Pearlies
- Driftwoods
- Friday Island

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